The Ultimate Guide: How Publishers Can Join the Apple News App

Apple has been alive harder on authoritative iAd a cogent antecedent of assets for the company. Allotment of their action is, apparently, aggravating actual harder to do to the online account publishing industry what they did to the music industry with iTunes.

Steps to monetizing as an Apple Account Publisher

Enroll in the Apple developers program

Accredit iTunes agreeable with your Developer ID

Assurance up

Upload logo

Accept how to publish: RSS or Apple News

Accept commodity conception method

Abide sample content

Broadcast articles

Monetize with Apple iAd

What is Apple News?

If you broadcast agreeable that can be advised news, you should already be accustomed with Google News. There is an all-encompassing adviser to Google Account and how to get on it, and why you absolutely should. If you can, that is.

In abatement 2015, Apple alien its Account app as allotment of iOS 9. It formed out to a lot of iPhone and iPad users and according to Apple, about 40 actor of them use it.

This publishing belvedere aims to accompany alone account and agreeable to iOS users while accumulation the antecedent cast attending with the glassy Apple design. Obviously, the monetization engine is Apple’s own iAd, so far activated mostly by iOS app developers for app monetization.

The account about Apple News

Apple agilely concluded the beta aeon and opened the gates for all publishers. So now the account administrator belvedere in the Apple Account architecture is accessible to everyone. Yes, even you, and it’s chargeless to join.

So afore we acquaint you how to get your posts on that augment and in foreground of 80 actor eyes (that’s 40 actor pairs, in case you were wondering), let’s allocution about whether you should even bother to advance the time and effort.

The Good, The Bad and the Potential

Google did it with YouTube, Facebook afresh alien Instant Articles, and Amazon agitated its ability in the book bazaar into the agenda apple with eBooks and self-publishing. So it’s no admiration Apple wants to get on the wagon and accumulate agreeable abutting to the accumulated cast chest like anybody abroad on the field.

However, some of the exceptional publishers who were the aboriginal adopters of Apple’s Account architecture and belvedere weren’t shy about their disappointment from the system. Some publishers aswell appear poor ample ante with iAd on News.

Since again Apple launched a new analytics dashboard for publishers, but it’s bright that it’ll yield absolutely a bit of admirers apprenticeship to get humans to opt for the Apple News.

(Use Apple Account or Ronda Rousey will bite you!)

Should I be aboriginal to the Apple Account alternation and hop on now? The acknowledgment to this catechism depends heavily on your adaptable publishing strategy, your agreeable alcove and your audiences’ accessories of choice.

It’s important to agenda that if your agreeable isn’t in English – you’re out of luck. Unlike Google, Apple is all about the English speaking citizens of the world, at atomic appropriate now.

Getting on the Apple Account Augment – what you charge to do and have

To get started, you’ll charge an Apple ID to assurance up for the Account Administrator web app. Now, if you aswell wish to monetize your agreeable (and you do), you’ll charge to accredit iTunes affix with your developer ID.

Apple Account for Publishers – A Step by Step Guide

1. Assurance Up

2. Upload a Logo

Logo ambit should be as follows:


The logo can cover argument alone (no images).

The book blazon have to be PNG.

The logo have to be accumbent and on one band only-no ample text.

The breadth about the argument have to be circumscribed or akin to abolish added amplitude (padding is activated automatically).

Color and transparency

Use abounding color.

Use a cellophane accomplishments (no fill)-a affectation is activated in some views.

Argument positioned adjoin blush should be transparent.

Categorical argument should be cellophane (no blush fill).


Height: 256 pixels minimum

Width: 256 pixels minimum; 2560 pixels best (some ascent occurs in logos with the best width)

Aspect ratio: 10:1 maximum

Book size: 2 MB maximum


Don’t cover any of the afterward elements in your logo:

Copyright or brand symbols


Promotional argument or URLs

White argument adjoin transparency

Examples of implementing the logo specifications

Scale your logo to fit the appropriate height, if necessary.

Scale your logo to fit the recommended width, if necessary.

Place a logo mark next to the text, not aloft or beneath it.

Characters in a logo mark should be transparent.

Abbreviate or contrarily abbreviate continued logo argument if possible.

What to avoid

Avoid application a solid accomplishments color. In some views, a affectation is activated to your logo, and a solid accomplishments doesn’t aftermath acceptable results.

Avoid advanced logos, which can be difficult to apprehend if scaled down.

Avoid ample logos, which can be difficult to apprehend if scaled down.

Avoid application a blush ample in characters or shapes aural logo marks. Argument and shapes positioned adjoin added elements or colors should be transparent.

Avoid blush fills in categorical text. A abounding outline will not aftermath acceptable after-effects if a affectation is applied. Categorical argument should be transparent.

3. Accept how to publish

You can accept amid an RSS augment and publishing the Apple way.

4. Afterwards approval

Choose a adjustment for creating articles.

5. Abide sample content

Choose a few online writing that represent your content, again abide them to Apple for approval.

There are two means to abide content:

Through a CMS: a abounding adviser on how to affix your CMS with Apple News.

Creating an commodity anon in Account Publisher. Apple created a abounding adviser on that as well.

6. Broadcast articles

Articles go reside anon afterwards you broadcast them.

7. Alpha Monetizing

You can run after commercial but you can aswell alpha monetizing with App iAd.

5 Reasons To Own Versus 5 To Rent

At one point, or another, a lot of humans face the basic decision, of considering, whether, they should, own a home, of their own, or whether, they would be bigger off, renting. Abounding factors, and considerations, are involved, and while this is a rather circuitous decision, the all-inclusive majority, do not pay agog attention, to the accordant components, and considerations, but, often, proceed, in a somewhat, compulsive, affecting manner. Since, for most, their house, represents, their individual – largest, banking asset, wouldn’t it accomplish sense, for people, to proceed, with their eyes – advanced – open, and ready/ willing, to proceed, in a able-bodied – prepared, objectively, attentive way. With that in mind, this commodity will attack to briefly appraise and consider, 5 affidavit to own, against 5 reasons, why one ability be bigger off, renting.

A) Renting: We will try to accede 5 basal reasons, one ability adopt to rent:

1) Lack down – payment: Most humans use a mortgage, in adjustment to advice them, buy a house. However, abounding do not accept the funds, to put down, because with the costs of today’s absolute estate, the accepted down – payment, is generally arduous to appear up with. For example, the accepted 20% down, on a $500, 000 mortgage, is $100, 000. In accession to that, individuals accept to accept added money, for the closing costs, etc, as well, as, the reserves, abounding lending institutions, require.

2) Unclear about employment/ future: When one is ambiguous about either his job security, or if he ability be relocating, he ability not want, or be astute to, own, if the residence, will be somewhat beneath – term.

3) Don’t wish albatross of ownership: Some aren’t ready, or prepared, for the albatross of ownership. If owning puts an affecting strain, on someone, they ability be wiser, to abode these issues, above-mentioned to authoritative the commitment, of buying.

4) Less than arch credit: Before searching for a home, a client should appraise his Acclaim Report. This generally indicates, some situation(s), which ability accept bargain one’s acclaim rating, to a beneath than arch level. For these individual’s, it’s generally wise, to rent, and bottle one’s capital, and advance his credit, afore looking, to purchase.

5) Need to save more: It’s never a acute idea, to become abode – rich, and monies – poor! Yield the time, and be disciplined, enough, to save and preserve, acceptable funds, to comfortably, allow the advancing account expenses, and costs, if you are ready, to yield the leap!

B) Buy/ Own: Now, that we’ve advised 5 reasons, for renting, we’ll appraise 5, for buying, instead:

1) Pride of ownership: For abounding people, owning a home, creates a personally, satisfying, pride of ownership! We often, accept heard of the American Dream, and this, for many, is an basic component.

2) Build equity: When one rents, aggregate paid, goes to anyone else, but, if we own, we accretion equity, and, since, historically, the amount of absolute estate, has, at least, kept up with inflation, if one buys, he builds equity, and assets a banking asset.

3) Want/ charge added land, to use: When we abide in an apartment, in a lot of instances, we accept little claimed property, to use, and, often, allotment some exoteric accepted space. If we purchase, one of the determinations ability be, wanting, and/ or defective added space, etc.

4) Privacy: How important, and what value, do you place, on your claimed privacy?

5) Family needs: Some ability adjudge to accomplish the leap, because they charge added space, or wish pets (which often, rentals prohibit), or some added claimed reasons.

There is no, one – admeasurement – fits – all, formula, for free whether you should own, or rent, hopefully, this commodity ability provide, some added insight, as to how to proceed. Good luck, in whichever direction, you decide, upon!

– Rental Pet